Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) will Help the Small-guys Compete

Small-enterprises offer an avenue for untapped CSR potential.90% of the world’s business comes from SMEs and they employ about 50% of the world’s population. The kind of change they are capable of is community-based, continued investment to uplift their key stakeholders. Change at the grass-root level is what every ethical business dreams of and this is where small enterprises stand to gain enormously.

One of the biggest CSR activities that a small-business can do is to keep business within the community. With this I mean, to think about where supplies are coming and what consumers are looking for. By engaging in this circle of minimal distance, you are reducing transportation carbon footprints and developing relationships by engaging your local stakeholders.

Enterprises need to educate its staff about CSR in order to achieve its primary objective of cost savings and not merely on improving the profile of your business. Being about to exercise more CSR measures enable small enterprises to remain competitive by keeping their costs low.